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Hi! My name is Danielle Murrell and I'm a Mindset, Business and High Ticket Sales Coach to coaches, experts and transformational leaders.

I've been helping women entrepreneurs package, price, position, promote and profit from high ticket signature offers for over 7 years!

My mission is to show women how to have a lucrative and leveraged ladyboss business so they can have bandwidth and bank, peace and profits, success and sanity, to show up at their best in ALL areas of their lives.

In addition, I'm passionate sharing how women can not only raise their rates, achieve multiple 5 figure months, and have the confidence to play big in business, but also how to do that in a more feminine way. In a way that inspires us from within, utilizes are natural gifts, and feels great to doing it.

Glad you're here! 💕🎉 Now...let's get this party started!

Available Products

Lucrative Ladyboss Business Bundle

For High Ticket Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Experts

Includes 40+ page .pdf that you can fill out digitally or print to use.

The Rich Girl's Guide To High Ticket Selling for Coaches & Experts

Want to close more high paying, high quality clients on the phone, Zoom, DMs and more?

Then you will want this 3 part script and video guide that breaks down 3 proven, simple yet very profitable sales strategies to sign more high end clients!

Scale Your Business WITHOUT a Huge Team, Complicated Tech or A lot of Time.

1 hour training for business coaches, expert and transformational leaders who desire a Simpler Way To Scale WITHOUT mass marketing, big team, complicated tech or it taking a long time.

My Products Available Products
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